saltwater farm

Design Team Paul Attardo
Interior Design Catherine King
Contractor Michael Russo
Consultant Structural Engineer: Albert Putnam Associates
Photography Jeff Roberts Imaging

The original farmhouse was lost long ago leaving the barn and its stories to inspire the new home for this oceanfront location. The use of the familiar farmhouse vernacular interpreted with modern proportions and spacial relationships allow a four-bedroom home to settle calmly into the landscape. All is as it should be.

The arrangement of rooms considers the sun-path, the views and the visitors approach to the house. Greeted by the strength and warmth of natural materials, you are invited in to experience the unfolding of intimate spaces into a larger, sun and view filled main living space that can accommodate breakfast on the kitchen island or large celebrations where family and guests can effortlessly flow between inside and outside spaces.

Working collaboratively with Interior Designer Catherine King, the design began to see the results of careful integration of architectural and interior design.