Lake house

Design Team
Paul Attardo
Conforte Builders

Benefitting from the existence of a dilapidated structure, we were able to reuse and expand the footprint and volume with a new contemporary version of a Maine camp. Using sun orientation, views, and prevailing winds as guides, the plan began to take shape. We grew the volume to meet program needs while getting sunlight deep into the space at all times of the day. An exterior comprised of red cedar, live edge Maine granite and metal roofing were chosen to balance a modern language with the comfort of familiar materials. The combination of interior wood walls and expressed heavy timbers provide warmth to the large open spaces. When fully open, a 28 ft. lift-and-slide door merges the main living space and kitchen to the screen porch providing a true sense of outdoor living. A studio space seconds as additional guest quarters along with two other cabins making this property a family treasure for generations to come.