island retreat

coast of maine
Design Team
Paul Attardo, Sam Van Dam, and Kirk Henriksen
(This project began in the office of Van Dam Architecture and Design and continues in Attardo Architecture and Design.)
General Contractors
Arnold Reed, Gary Lailer, and Kevin O’Donnell

The site for this project is a secluded spot on the coast of Maine. Located 2½ miles off the coast requires this retreat to be totally self-sufficient. All power is generated on-island, vegetable gardens provide ample provisions, and fresh water is in good supply. Four existing cottages were rebuilt for family and guests, and several new buildings provide additional support. The cookhouse is a central gathering area for all meals and can accommodate up to 35 guests. Site design incorporates a central road system and an extensive network of trails that reach out to the coastal edge while allowing the visitor to experience the rich understory and moss-covered ledge formations of the island’s forest. Old stone walls weave their way throughout the landscape, telling the story of the island’s previous farming history.